52nd edition

The Directors’ Fortnight wishes to give a warm thank you to its sponsors, both public and corporate, and to its patrons for their commitment to the event and their ever crucial support during this difficult time.

Institutional sponsors, first and foremost the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée, but also the Sud and Ile-de-France regions and the Cannes City Council, have shown vital support, allowing us to cope with the consequences of the cancellation of our 2020 edition.

The Directors’ Fortnight acknowledges its long-time official partners, who have also been unfailingly supportive and loyal in the face of hardship.

First and foremost, a huge thank you to Bertrand Cizeau and his BNP Paribas teams, who have maintained their sponsorship and patronage and have confirmed their commitment by our side for the years to come.

Thank you to France Télévisions who have also renewed their support and thanks to whom we were able to share iconic films of the history of the Directors’ Fortnight with audiences, through their france•tv platform.




Share a moment of emotion and pleasure, on the fringes of everyday life. The Fortnight is an opportunity for newness, for surprises…
Support a free and audacious selection among the most influent and innovant selections, capable of gathering the great names of cinema as well as revealing tomorrow’s talents.
Contribute to the influence of a prestigious festival.
Make the Fortnight accessible for an ever-growing audience.
Allow to reach socially and culturally excluded groups thanks to film projections organised all year long throughout the country.



What’s cultural sponsorship ? Cultural sponsorship is a donation that can be of various kinds, aimed at helping general interest organisms. Companies don’t usually intend to take benefit out of sponsorship, they rather intend to improve their image by making it more open, fair and human.
The perks to sponsorship : Companies that make a giving to the Directors’ Fortnight can benefit from a tax reduction that equals 60% of the given amount. This cut can be applied to companies’ taxes as well as income taxes.
Simulation : An initial gift of 30 000€ equals to an effective gift of 12000€ (=60% of 30000€). In exchange, the company can associate its name to the Directors’ Fortnight and benefit from contractual compensations (up to 25% of the given amount).

CONTACT: Christophe Leparc
Managing Director
01 44 89 99 78


The Directors’ Fortnight is an event subsidized by the Centre National du cinéma et de l’image animée.

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