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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Yousry Nasrallah

He was born in Cairo. He saw his first movie in 1958: Voyage au centre de la Terre, of Jules Verne. He knew at this time he would make films. From 1956 to 1975, he studied at the German School of Cairo and then was a teacher ofeconomy and mathematics at the political sciences university. He was member of the movement against Nasser. He was invited by a friend to make a film in Lebanon and spent four years in West Beyrouth. He wrote on cinema for the Lebanese paper As-Safir. He worked on the shooting of Faussaire directed by Schloendorff. He was an assistant to Omar Amiralay on Le Malheur des uns. He wrote with Youssef Chanine the screenplay of Adieu Bonaparte. He assisted him and started writing Vols d’été in 1985, completed in 1988.