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52nd edition

Wojciech Marczewski

He was born in Poland. He studyied at the State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre and went to university with the intention of studying philosophy and history but he returned to the film school. He received an Award of the Minister of Culture and Art 2nd class in the realm of cinema (for artistic achievement in the films « Zmory / Nightmares » and « Dreszcze / Shivers ») and a general award for cinematic achievement. He was granted the academic title of Professor of Film Art. He worked at the Studio Malych Form Filmowych Se-Ma-For (Se-Ma-For Studio of Small Film Forms) in Lodz, where he created « Lekcja anatomii / The Anatomy Lesson », a short film in which he combined live action with animated elements. He directed a number of television films, including related to World War II, often having stories that were set during, or in some other way linked into, the wartime German occupation of Poland. »Nightmares » came to be considered one of the most important debuts in post-World War II Polish cinema. Marczewski is viewed as making movies that are part of the creative current in Polish cinema.