52nd edition

Théo Angelopoulos

Theo Angelopoulos began to study law in Athens but broke up his studies to go to the Sorbonne University Paris in order to study literature. When he had finished his studies he wanted to attend the School of Cinema in Paris but decided instead to go back to Greece. There he worked as a journalist and critic for the newspaper « Demokratiki Allaghi » until it was prohibited by the military after the Coup. He decided to make his first movie « Anaparastasi » (1970). Internationally successful was his trilogy about the history of Greece from 1930 to 1970 consisting of « Meres tou ’36 » (1972), « O Thiasos » (1975) and « Oi Kynigoi » (1977). After the end of the dictatorship in Greece Angelopoulos went to Italy where he worked with the RAI channels.