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52nd edition

Thaddeus O’Sullivan

He was born in Dublin. He left Ireland when he was 17. He briefly went to the fine arts school of Ealing and entered the Art Film School. He made his fisrt short films and an expeimental medium length one, On a Paving stone Moutain. He lived in New York where he worked for independant films. Back in Ireland, he was chief operator on Travellers by Joe Comerford and on a short film by Colin Black. In London, he wrote and directed Assembled Memories and on When Reason Sleeps, a serie produced by Channel Four. He worked on four feature films: The Love Child», produced by the BFI, Rocinante directed by Ann and Edouardo Guede, On the Black Hill by Andrew Grieve and Ladder of Swords. His short film The woman who married Clark Gable had great success. December Bride is his first feature film.