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52nd edition

Silvio Caiozzi

Silvio Caiozzi G. was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1944. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, in 1967.Caiozzi is one of the most awarded film makers in the Spanish-speaking world. His full length features “Julio Begins in July” (1979), “The Moon in the Mirror” (1990), “Coronation” (2000), “Cachimba” (2004) and the documentary “Fernando is Back” (1998) have received almost 100 awards in some of the most important international film festivals such as Venice, Montreal, Biarritz, Valladolid, Huelva, Havana, Trieste, Mar del Plata and Cartagena de Indias among others.His feature film “Julio begins in July” (1979) was chosen by the national audience as the “Best Chilean Movie of the Century”.“The Moon in the Mirror” (1990) received the Best Actress award at the Venice International Film Festival. This film also obtained several awards in dozens of festivals throughout the world.Caiozzi received the Best Director award at the Montreal World Film Festival (2000) for his film “Coronation”. In the same year, this feature received 38 international prizes becoming the most awarded film of Latin America. His latest film “Cachimba” (2004) received 20 international awards in the categories of Acting, Photography, Direction and Best Film.A creative relationship with internationally reknowned Chilean writer Jose Donoso, led to the script for the film “The Moon in the Mirror”. He also based his films “Coronation” and “Cachimba” on novels from the same author.In the area of publicity filmmaking, Caiozzi has made hundreds of advertisements winning numerous national and international awards, including the “Golden Lion” at the Cannes’ Film Festival with the spot “Indian” for Firestone (1986).?? On August 23rd, 2004, Caiozzi was chosen as a permanent member of the Chilean Fine Arts Academy, thus becoming the first cinematographer of his country to be accepted in this prestigious organization.On August 1st 2006, the National Association of Entertainment Journalists (A.P.E.S.) awarded him a recognition to his “Contribution to the World’s Visual Arts”. On October 2007, the House of Representatives of Chile awarded him the “Recognition of the Creation and Development of the Chilean Movie Industry”.