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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

Raymundo Gleyzer

Raymundo’s life and films share the same coherence and faith in the people that inspire him to never give up the fight.
On May 27, 1976, he was kidnapped by the dictatorship’s armed forces, never to be seen again, and became one of the 30.000 disappeared in Argentine concentration camps.
His films were prohibited and later forgotten by following democracies.
The reason for this? There are ideas they don’t want to hear again. They follow the politics of omission and historical distortion about the popular struggles of the 70’s.
Raymundo Gleyzer’s work must be recovered because is the cultural patrimony of the Argentine people. His school of filmmaking must be continued by new filmmakers, to make films with an Argentine identity and contribute to build a fair society, based in positive values for humankind.