52nd edition

Bob Dylan

Born in 1941, Bob Dylan, aka Robert Zimmermann, started being enthralled by rock’n’roll and rythm’n’blues around 15, dreaming about becoming as famous as Elvis Presley. He discovered folk song at 18, sudying in Minneapolis. Impressed by Woodie Guthrie, he starts to sing in local clubs and in 1962 decided to go to New York. He then discovered Greenwich Village and its effeverscent « folk scene », gets a few night clubs’ contract before recording his first album in 1962 for Columbia. The following albums were great success : « The Free Wheelin’ Bob Dylan » with « Blowin’ in the Wind », his first hit, and « The Times are A-Changin’ ». He since became a myth and was filmed in concert or on tour in Murray Lerner’s « Festival » (1967), D.A. Pennebaker’s « Don’t Look Back » (1968), Saul Swimmer’s « Concert for Bangladesh » (1972) and D.A. Pennebaker’s « Eat the Document » (1973). He was an actor as well for Sam Peckinpah in « Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid » (1973) which score he also wrote.