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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Zoo Zéro

Fortnight 1978, Feature film, 1h45


Tell a story of which the train of ideas dates back around the zero point of all stories told. That at the end a voice rises, a woman’s voice. That this voice does not invoke the deluge with words, does not name it, but instead provokes it physically, by the deplacement of air : by singing. That animals do not climb up in the ark which delivered them to man, as man is delivered to god, definately separated from him, but that they escape. That the false caves of cement resound during the roaring of wild beasts and the cries of eagles. That the ivy and the forest invade the temples, the skyscrappers, the prisons and the zoos. That the parrot has only to imitate the birds’ songs. Alain FLEISCHER


Alain Fleischer

Born in Paris in 1944, Alain Fleischer studied literature and linguistics. In 1962, he started to work as an amateur photographer and filmmaker, collaborating with painters such as Christian Boltansky, Ben, Sarkis, etc. He became a professional filmmaker in 1971 with his long feature « Meetings in the Forest ».

Alida Valli
Anthony Steffen
Catherine Jourdan
Christine Chappey
Fabien Belhassen
Klaus Kinsky
Lisette Malidor
Pierre Clémenti

Alain Fleischer

Bruno Nuytten

Eric Pluet

Production : CINEMA NEUF, Paris (Pierre et François Barat) / RUSH PRODUCTIONS, Levallois Perret