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52nd edition


Fortnight 2010, Short film, 45 min


Shot on location in Zambia, with a two-person film crew and a cast of non-professional actors, ZedCrew is a comp elling portrait of three young men with big hopes. Intent on making it as rappers, Hong and his boys are determined to make their ways to New York City. But when they find out that getting into the United States is next to impossible, they take desperate measures to pursue their dreams.


Noah Pink

Noah Pink is a Canadian-born writer and director who has a passion for transforming no-budget projects into big concept films. His award winning short films, music videos and documentaries are a testament to the new generation of young filmmakers who are using whatever means possible to tell their stories.

Alvin Fungo
Dexter Siwingwa
Edward Katonga
Kafula Mulanda
Mary Phiri
Medalia Banda
Mrs. Chali
Noah Pink
Starn Ng’andu
Tasha Muziya

Noah Pink

Christopher Porter

Noah Pink

Christopher Cooper

Alvin Fungo aka The Lyricist

Set decoration
Noah Pink, Christopher Porter

production :

I Like You Productions Inc.
2633 Agricola St. Halifax, NS, B3K 4C7 Canada
42 D Ibex Hill Rd. Ibex Hill, Lusaka, Zambia
Tel : +1 902 452 2333

Presse internationale :

Stephen Lan
International Press Agent
Cannes: +49-172-200-6686