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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Wrong Cops

Fortnight 2012, Short film, 13 mn


Duke, a crooked and music-mad cop, patrols in Los Angeles’ streets, music blasting and meets a young techno lover, David Dolores Frank. Appalled by the musical tastes of the young adolescent, Duke decides to give him a good music lesson.


Quentin Dupieux

Quentin Dupieux, famous for his music under the name Mr. Oizo, shoot a medium-length movie in 2001, Nonfilm, then his first feature film in 2006, Steak. In 2010, Rubber is selected in Cannes and Wrong, his 3rd feature presented in Sundance in 2012, inspired the short film Wrong Cops.

Daniel Quinn
Eddie Tapia
Grace Zabriskie
Marilyn Manson
Mark Burnham
Roxane Mesquida

Quentin Dupieux

Quentin Dupieux

Zsolt Magyar

Quentin Dupieux

Quentin Dupieux

Set decoration
Joan Le Boru

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