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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Working Girls

Fortnight 1986, Feature film, 1h30


Working Girls is about a day in the life of a photographer, Molly, who happens to make money by working as a prostitute in small brothel. The film presents an image of prostitution over than that usually seen in movies, where prostitutes are either strung or junkies, managed by pimps, or high class call girls with daddy problems. Molly is an ordinary woman, and artist and college graduate and Working Girls is about prostitution as work, no as moral or psychological problem. The film attemps to be an honest and humourous look at the inner workings of a brothel, at the relationships among the women, between the women and the business woman who owns and runs the place, and between Molly and her clients. It seemed important to present the sexy scenes as frankly as possible, in all their silliness, mundanity and horror, in order to show that in the rituals of the sessions – which are not unlike the rituals of dating – it is the women who are in control. Lizzie Borden


Lizzie Borden

Born in Detroit; she graduated in history of art in Wesley and settled down in New York. For many years, she painted, was a critic and decided to stop it all to learn directing on her own. He took her 5 years to make her first feature film, Born in Flames, an experimental movie. To finance it, she worked as a teacher and editor. Working girl is her first fictional film.

Armanda Goodwin
Ellen Mc Elduff
Helen Nicholas
Jane Peters
Louise Smith
Marusia Zach

Lizzie Borden, Sandra Kay

Judy Irola

J. T. Tagaki

Lizzie Borden

David van Tieghem

Production : Alternate current, New York, USA Vente à l’étranger : Alternate Current