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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 1972, Feature film, 94'


A young farm boy spends his days dreaming and making totem-pole like sculptures out of wood. His brother is a go-getter: studies agricultural engineering, comes back with diploma to marry the pretty girl next door. The dreamer graces puts his sculptures around, invoking anger of his father and ridicule of the peasants who find him useless. During the brother’s wedding he sets his totems ablaze. He makes a pass at his new sister-in-law, but returns to his own reveries. In the end he hears a call to bring a log out of the marshes, but during the escapade sinks into the bog.


Wojciech Solarz

Director, writer, actor.

Boleslaw Plotnicki
Hanna Skarzanka
Irena Karek
Olgierd Lukaszewicz
Zygmunt Malanowiccz

Wojcieh Solarz

Prod : Entreprise polonaise des réalisateurs de films
61 Pulawska

Title in Original Version : Appel