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52nd edition


Fortnight 1992, Feature film, 1 H 50


Warsaw, 1943. Alek and Fryda escape the ghetto massacre through the sewers. He is 27, she is not even 20. In their escape, they attempt to save their lives, but also some photo negatives that Alek has been given – the unique testimony to the unbelievable barbary of the massacre. They find themselves in the  » Aryan  » zone. Alek asks Fryda to take shelter in a church while he keeps looking for a safe refuge. He gets to the building where a friend is supposed to hide them. There appears Stephania, who offers him hospitality…


Janusz Kijowski

He was born in Poland. He studied history and history of art and started working as a journalist in radio. He was ateacher. He graduated at the High national school in Lodz. He settled in Belgium. He had before directed plays for TV in Poland. He was an artistic manager at the Young filmmakers studios in Varsovia. Index, his first feature film was censored. Warszawa is his sixth direction.

Hanna Schygulla
Julie Delpy
Lambert Wilson

Jerzy Janicki, Janusz Kijowski

P. Skwirczynski

F. Ullman

Wanda Zeman

Jan Kanty-Pawlvskiewicz

Set decoration
A. Przedworski

PRODUCTION : CCC Filmkunst GmbH Molécule VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Cinepool