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52nd edition

Vsakdan ni vsak dan

Fortnight 2008, Short film, 12mn


Sometimes, an event connects a group of individuals: a pregnant woman who sets off with her daughter to give birth; her husband, who needs to take her to the maternity ward as soon as possible; a woman who is in conflict with the pregnant woman’s husband regarding a parking dispute; her lover who wants a serious relationship; and a postman who wants this man’s signature upon a registered letter. The day starts like any other ordinary day, a day like every other, but then it transforms itself into something completely different.


Martin Turk

Born in 1978 in Trieste. In 1998 began his studies of film and TV direction at the Ljubljana Film Academy. His graduating short film The Excursion won several international awards (Montpellier, Bologna, Wiesbaden). His professional debute film A Slice of Life was presented at several international film festivals (Edinburgh, Angers, Huesca, Valencia, Bristol, Montpellier…) and won prize for the best Slovenian short film in 2006. Worked as assistant director on several full-length feature films.

Barbara Zefran
Boris Cavazza
Maja Gal Stomar
Robert Prebil
Vladimir Vlaskalic

Martin Turk

Bojan Kastelic

Marko Tajic, Igor Lalos

Matjaz Jankovic

Chris Eckman

Set decoration
Ursa Loboda

Production : RTV Slovenija – Kulturni in imetniski programi Kolodvorsha 2 1000 Ljublana Slovénie Tél : +386 1475 3181 Fax : +386 1475 3183 Bela Film (Slovénie) Filmski Sklad RS (Slovénie)

Title in Original Version : Every Day Is Not The Same