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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

Voleur d’images

Fortnight 1992, Short film, 15mn


He is Jaffar. He takes pictures of whatever happen around him in the housing estate. Nothing escapes him, and the thousands of shots pile up in his room. It is like an obsession, a need to understand… She is Sonia. She knows her life is condemned. She would like to escape in spite of her young age (15), while it is still time. But she needs him, his eyes, his strength. They promised to each other they would leave on his ten thousandth photo ans start all over again, elsewhere, far from the housing estate.


Bruno Victor-Pujebet

He studied literature and started cinema as an assistant on advertising and industrial films. She made her first short film in 1988. Voleur d’images is the first part of a six short film serie she was recently writing.

Béatrice Zeitoun
Hammou Graia

Jean-Christophe Establet, Bruno Victor-Pujebet

Pierre Aïm

Pascal Després

Olivier Ducastel

Serge Vella

Set decoration
Christian Fenouillat

Production : Cargo, Lyon, France