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52nd edition

Voices From The Heartland: Slaves Of The Lord

Fortnight 2003, Short film, 50mn


Passover is coming and so is Tamar’s Bat-Mitzvah, the day when she will become responsible for her deeds. Tamar lives in a religious village and is preparing for her speech with her teacher. She learns about the connection between external cleansings for the Passover holiday and internal purification. Constantly seeking answers in the holy books, she concludes that she is impure and so is everything she touches. Giving in to her fears, she runs to the ritual bath for a final immersion…


Hadar Friedlich

Hadar was born in Kibbutz Sheluchoth, in the Bet Shean valley. She served in the army and spent a year doing volunteer work before beginning her studies at Jerusalem’s Maale College for Cinema and Television. She currently edits documentaries for Channel One (Israeli TV) and also writes screenplays.Her graduation thesis film « Grief », which she wrote, directed, produced and edited, has been shown at film festivals all over the world, and won several international prizes.

Adi Barsheshet
Irit Sheleg
Itay Barnea
Maya Eshet
Razya Israeli
Robert Henig

Hadar Friedlich

Talia Gal’On

Danny Shetrit, Yissaschar Vishnia, Meir Alfassi

Yosef Grunfild

Shem Tov Levi

Set decoration
Maya Zak, Raya Brokental

Production : Mosh Danon Eylon Ratzovsky JCS Productions 6, Hanatziv St. 67010 Tel Aviv Israël Tél : +972 3561 0060 Fax : +972 3561 0062 Ventes à l?étranger, Presse (Int) Ruth Diskin Ruth Diskin Films Ltd. 8, Tverya Street 94543 Jerusalem Israël Tél :+972 2622 2086 Fax : +972 2625 6047 Mob : +972 5040 0024

Title in Original Version : Slaves Of The Lord