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52nd edition

Visiblement je vous aime

Fortnight 1995, Feature film, 1 h 40


Denis, a multiple offender, is arrested once again for commiting a violent attack. His judge offers him an alternative to jail: attend a rehabilitation session at the Coral, a home for young psychotics. Once at the Coral, Denis, an uneasy, solitary, tourmented soul, finds it difficult to live with people so different from him. But the young’s people clumsy and sincere attempts to approach him gradually cause him to change his view of the world. For the first time in his life, he does not feel trapped in the process of surviving his own crisis but finds himself socialy and humanly useful. Trough his contact with these people’s sufferings, their games, tears and laughter, Denis gets to know himself and opens up to unknown emotions. He finally finds he is able to express his deep need for affection.


Jean-Michel Carré

After medical school, Jean-Michel Carré went to the prestigious IDHEC cinema school from 1969 to 1972. One of his first short film on Cuba for the ORTF TV channels was banned in 1968. He directs fiction films, short and long features as well as documentaries.

Claude Sigala
Denis Lavant
Dominique Froh
Jean-François Gallotte
les jeunes du Coral
Lionel Melet
Marie Roversi
Vanessa Guedj

claude Sigala, Jean-Michel Carré, Jacky Berroyer, Piotr Barsony, Patricia Agostini

Hugues de Haeck

Alain Garnier

Sarah Matton

François Peyrony

Production, vente à l’étranger : Les Films du Grain de Sable, Paris, France