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52nd edition


Fortnight 1971, Short film, 15'


Film témoignant des contrastes entre les riches et les pauvres au Chili qui ont mené à l’élection d’Allende, images accompagnées de chants.


Pedro Chaskel

He was born in Germany. He is a director, a writer and an editor. He studied architecture in Chili. In 1955, he founded a cinema club for students. He participated in the creation of the Experimental Cinema Center. He also created the Film Library in the University of Chili and he was head of University Cinema Department. From 1972 to 1980, he was the general secretary of the Latin America Film Library Union. He left Cuba in 1973; he had directed there documentaries like Una foto recorre el mundo, about Che Guevara. He came back in Chili to start video and TV in 1985. He was member of jurys in many international festivals. He taught cinema in many Brazilian universities. He received many decorations. He is head of the Film library of the University of Chili and is still a teacher. He continues working on documentaries like La Révolutions des Pingoins.

Pedro Chaskel / Hector Rios

Prod : Departamento de Cine
Universidad de Chili
Amunategui 73 Of. 12