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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

Valparaiso, Valparaiso

Fortnight 1971, Feature film, 90'


Alain Cluny is Balthazar, a bumbling middle-aged intellectual who spouts off from time to time about leftist causes, usually to his current girlfriend. Then Edwarda (Bernadette Lafont), who is active in the political underground, comes into his life. From that point on, he begins to act on his beliefs. Edwarda’s underground political action group stages a little drama to test Balthazar’s commitment and reliability, putting him through an interrogation by what appear to him to be French secret police. Having passed this test, he is given a real assignment. This film is a comedy with elements of satire, and it explores the humor to be found in left-wing pretentiousness of all kinds. This is a French language film, with no dubbing or subtitles.


Pascal Aubier

P. Aubier was born in Paris during the Second World War. He is an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. He started out as an assistant on Paris Vu Par in 1963/64 for Claude Chabrol, Eric Rhomer, Jean Rouch, Jean-Daniel Pollet and Jean-Luc Godard. He later worked on Pierrot le fou and Masculin féminin. While working on the latter film, he made his first short – Tenebrae factae sunt. The short was used to open for Masculin féminin: 15 faits précis in theaters.He worked for universities in USA and Cuba and directed about 20 short films.

Alain Cuny
Bernadette Lafont
Laszlo Szabo

Pascal Aubier

Patrice Pouget

Ivry Giltis