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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Vai Travalhar Vagabundo

Fortnight 1974, Feature film, 1h40


Humour, irony and satire don’t have any homeland. Who knows if etruscan humour actually exists? You could think that the devastating shrewdness of Carvanna’s film is typical from Brazil, even typically « carioca » – that’s to say from Rio, from its favellas and popular neighbourhoods. Truth is, that’s what Carvanna thought he was doing. « This film tells the story of the last carioca, the story of the last man who was determined not to work. »
This film shows Rio, the favellas, the people as it is, as it lives, in a way that was never seen before – especially in a comedy. A film with two voices, two levels. You can read it with laugh, but you can read it too as an almost entomological depiction of an environment, a life style, the one of those people who live in Rio without any money, a tough life, a life without principle – tough job.
There was once, says Carvanna, in a certain place of our world, people who discovered a revolutionary method to not work. That’ll take some doing! And what a dream – the two hour working week…
Pierre Kast


Hugo Carvanna

Hugo Carvanna was an actor in numerous films of the Cinema Novo and worked with most of the great Brazilian filmmakers. « Vai Travalhar Vagabundo » is his first feature film.

Hugo Carvanna
Nelson Xavier
Odete Lara
Paulo Cesar Pereio
Rose Larreta
Valentina Godoy
Wilson Grey

Hugo Carvanna, Armando Costa

José Medeiros

Production : ALTER FILMES