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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Une histoire inventée

Fortnight 1991, Feature film, 1H40


Gaston, a trompeter on the downside, comes back from Cleveland. Florence, who loves him in vain, is ectatic about his return to Montréal, but Gaston is still indifferents to her charms. What’s worse, he falls for Soledad, Florence’s actress daughter, and tries to console her Soledad has just caught her lover, Tibo, being unfaithful to her. But progress is slow, so one evening Gaston’s friends handouff him to Soledad just before she goes on stage. The audience i delighted, but Florence is heartbroken, as is Tibo, who is playing opposite Soledad and still loves her. The climax is tragic…


André Forcier

Born in Montreal in 1947, he directs his first 8mm short film while still in high school. Gilles Carle noticed «La mort vue par …» and it was broadcasted on Radio Canada. Forcier shots his second short film in 1967, «Chroniques labradoriennes». His first feature film, «Le retour de l’immaculée conception» in 1971, expresses the worries of the young of Quebec. His first critical success was «Bar salon» (1972), where he works for the first time with his favourite thespian, Guy l’Ecuyer, and screenwriter Jacques Marcotte. «L’Eau chaude, l’Eau frette» was one of his biggest success.

Charlotte Laurier
France Castel
Jean Lapointe
Jean-François Pichette
Louise Marleau
Marc Gélinas
Marc Messier
Tony Nardi
Warren Williams

André Forcier, Jacques Marcotte

Georges Dufaux

Marcel Pothier

François Gill

Serge Flori

Set decoration
Réal Ouellette

Production : Robin Spry, Montréal Vente à l’étranger : Films Transit, Montréal Distribution : Diaphana, Paris