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52nd edition

Un voyageur

Fortnight 2013, Feature film, 1h46


18 years after his last film, (The Troubles We’ve Seen), Marcel Ophuls emerges from retirement as one of our last masters, the most corrosive, the funniest as well. And the most forceful. The director of The Sorrow and the Pity shares with us stories of his exceptionally rich life in this light-hearted yet bitter escapade though the century and the movies. Son of the great Max Ophuls, he is generous in his admiration. We also meet Jeanne Moreau, Bertolt Brecht, Ernst Lubitsch, Otto Preminger, Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick and of course François Truffaut. There are no great filmmakers without a memory, so here is the memory shop of Marcel Ophuls.


Marcel Ophuls

Born in Frankfurt in 1927, Marcel Ophuls is the son of Max Ophuls. In 1933, the family went into exile in France and emigrated to the US in 1941. Living in three cultures, he returned to France in 1950 as assistant director, notably on his father’s Lola Montès. He directed two features before entering the ORTF (Zoom). He undertook The Sorrow and the Pity in 1969.

Elliott Erwitt
Frederick Wiseman
Jeanne Moreau
John Simpson
Madeleine Morgenstern
Marcel Ophuls

Marcel Ophuls

Pierre Boffety, Vincent Jaglin

Pierre Armand

Sophie Brunet

chanson générique de fin: Marcel Ophuls

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Title in Original Version : Ain't Misbehavin