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52nd edition

Un pays qui se tient sage

Fortnight 2020, Film supported by the Fortnight, 1h26


As anger and discontent over social injustices grow, many citizen demonstrations are subject to increasingly violent repression. Un pays qui se tient sage invites citizens to explore, question and confront their views on social order and the legitimacy of the state’s use of violence.

Directors’ Fortnight:
“Historically attentive and particularly sensitive to social and political issues, the Directors’ Fortnight wishes to support David Dufresne’s film, which manages to elevate the discourse and provide the necessary depth and complexity to a dramatically contemporary debate.”

David Dufresne: “The support of the Fortnight is the recognition of a new form of cinéma vérité, emerging from social networks and telephones. A counter narrative to which the big screen gives an incomparable and unprecedented strength.”


David Dufresne

Release date : 30 September 2020