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52nd edition

Un château en Espagne

Fortnight 1999, Short film, 25 mn


A woman and her granddaughter meet every summer in front of the train station in Mont-de-Marsan. This year, the grandmother arrives late, asks less questions, forgets the way and hides what’s most important…


Delphine Gleize

She graduated at FEMIS, a national cinema school in France, screenplay department. She won Special Prize of the Jury and Junior Prize of best screenplay for Carnages she was recently preparing. She was supported by the Cinema Research and Essay Group. She also was recently preparing a film in Niger.

Catherine Gleize
Lucia Sanchez

Delphine Gleize

Stéphan Massis

Pierre André

François Quiqueré

Production :
Jérôme Dopffer
Balthazar Productions
8 Villa Saint Michel
75018 Paris, France
tél./fax : 33 (0)1 42 28 09 34 

Vente à l’étranger :
Balthazar Productions


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