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52nd edition

Trilogy About Clouds

Fortnight 2005, Short film, 14 min


Three short animation films about clouds. It is based on a charcoal drawing. The clouds without the fixed form are the worlds which surround us. 1 Breathing Cloud Eros. 2 Looking at a cloud memory of childhood. 3 From the cloud fantasy.


Naoyuki Tsuji

Born in 1972, Naoyuki Tsuji graduated from the University of Tokyo-Zoeki in 1995. His penchant for open-air installation, painting and drawing naturally led him to animation films.

Makiko Takanashi

Production : Naoyuki Tsuji 5-36-2 Serigaya Kounan-ku 233 0006, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa-ken Japon tél / fax : +81 45 822 8794 ventes à l’étranger : Naoyuki Tsuji

Title in Original Version : Mittsu no Kumo