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52nd edition

Tren de Sombras

Fortnight 1997, Feature film, 1 h 28


On November 8, 1930, a Paris lawyer, Gérard Fleury, left his home at dawn in search of the right light in which to complete a landscape film around Lake Thuit. That day, he died in circumstances that have never been fully explained. Three months earlier, he had made one of his modest home movies : aplayful, summery film shot in the sun-drenched gardens of the Le Thuit château – akind of earthly paradise with no historical context other than that of nostalgia for those  » artificials paradises  » created by time. We wanted to find a meaning behind these images. First, we had to locate them. We found the tiny municipality of Le Thuit, in upper Normandy. Here was the lake, the château, the garden, which, curiously, extended by the floral decorations as in a still life, stretched into the house. At dusk, a ray of light filtering through the blinds, strikes the clock in such a way that the pendulum’s movement casts an irregular glimmer on the photo of Mister Fleury. This fleeting, illusive flicker, the product of chance or a conspiracy between time and light, calls for a new look at these old images…


José Luis Guerin

He was born in Barcelona. He made experimental movies. He directed his first feature film Los motivos de Berta shown in so many festivals. In 1988, he directed with Reichenbach, Kieslowski, Agresti, Tarr, Sen et Rijneke a part of City Life, a Spanish film awarded in Berlin, Rotterdam and Montreal. In 1990, Innisfree was shown in Cannes and won many awards in Spain.

Anne Céline Auche
Ivon Orvain
Juliette Gaultier

José Luis Guerin

Tomas Pladevall

Dani Fontrodona

José Luis Guerin, Manel Alminana

Ravel, Schönberg, Offenbach, Debussy

PRODUCTION : Films 59 Mallorca 336, 1°, 08037 Barcelone Tél. : (34-3) 207 27 66 Fax : (34-3) 459 06 68 VENTE A L’ETRANGER Films 59

Title in Original Version : Le Spectre du Thuit