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52nd edition

Trece si prin perete

Fortnight 2014, Short film, 17 min


« I am frightened, Grandpa!… Do you hear? […]The people in the house are crying, he said. They miss the one who died, that’s why they are crying. »(« In The Coach House » by A.P. Chekhov)


Radu Jude

Born in Bucharest, in 1977 and graduated in 2003 of the filmmaking Department of Media University, he worked as an assistant director for feature films, like Amen by Costa-Gavras, Vacuums by Luke Creswell & Steve McNicholas, The Rage by Radu Muntean and The Death of Mr. Lazarescu by Cristi Puiu.

Alecu Jude
Gabriel Spahiu
Ion Arcudeanu
Marcel Horobet
Sofia Nicolaescu

Radu Jude

Marius Panduru

Dana Bunescu

Catalin F.Cristutiu

Set decoration
Augustina Stanciu

Production :
Micro Film
Sf. Stefan Street 7
023996 Bucharest – Roumanie
Tél : +40 21 252 48 67

Coproduction :
Mitra Film (Roumanie)
Cinelabs (Roumanie)

Title in Original Version : It can pass through the wall