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52nd edition

Tre ore

Fortnight 2010, Short film, 12 min


Rome, nowadays. The father is convicted for murder, his daughter speaks her mind.The river Tiber splits the city, yet it is bonding their lives together… for a few hours in an afternoon.
The selection committee:« Annarita Zembrano shows a brief father-daughter conversation with great tenderness. A sincere, but ephemeral, impression of serenity and happiness comes back slowly between the characters »JM


Annarita Zambrano

Annarita Zambrano came to Paris in 2000 to finish her doctoral studies on Esthetics of Film. For eight years, she was part of the programming team of the Paris Cinema Festival in the charge of the Prix de l’Avenir. She has directed three shorts, which were selected in Berlin and Venice She is currently preparing her first feature Fragments d’un siècle en fuite.

Rolando Ravello
Sofia Ravello
Valentina Carnelutti

Annarita Zambrano

Maura Morales Bergmann

Brando Mosca

Annalisa Schillaci

Virgile Van Ginneken

production : 

Annarita Zambrano
Via Peccioli 15
00139 Rome
Tél : +33 6 79 89 21 45

co-production :

Sensito Films (France)

distribution :

Sensito Films
10 rue des Bluets
75011 Paris 
Tél : +33 1 40 33 79 64
Fax : +33


Title in Original Version : Three Hours