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52nd edition

Tout doit disparaître

Fortnight 1997, Short film, 14 m


In a Paris temporary employment office, some men wait for an eventual one-day job as movers. Among them are two newcomers, Jean-Pierre and Theo, who are not acquainted. They end up in suburbs to do what they think is just an ordinary job.


Jean-Marc Moutout

He was born in the South of France. He graduated in mathematics and in direction n Belgium. He directed various short films like En haut et en bas and Tout doit disparaître. Electrons statiques is his fourth short film.

Bruno Lopez
Claude Brousse
Emile Abossolo Mbo
François Gamart
Romain lagarde

Jean-Marc Moutout

Valérie Le GurunAlexandre Monnier

Eric BoisteauRoland Boon

Marie-Hélène Mora

Alain Besson, Toups Bebey

PRODUCTION : G.R.E.C. 14, rue Alexandre Parodi, 75010 Paris Tél. : 01 44 89 99 99 Fax : 01 44 89 99 60


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