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52nd edition

Tombée de nuit sur Shanghaï

Fortnight 2007, Short film,


Tombée de nuit sur Shanghaï is Akerman’s contribution to the collective film L’état du monde (The State of the World, 2007), which includes short films on that subject by Pedro Costa, Vicente Ferraz, Wang Bing and Apichatpong Weerasethakul, commissioned by the Portuguese Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Akerman’s « Nightfall Over Shanghai (April 2007) » consists of little more than long-held vid shots of Shanghai skyscrapers and a floating boat, bearing giant video displays of consumer products and familiar images such as Da Vinci’s « La Giaconda. »


Chantal Akerman

Born in Brussels in 1950. Directed her first short film in 1968, film in which she was the only actor and which already looked forward to the director’s unusual vision of our daily environment, with its blend of black humor, fantasy and insolence. Directed her first feature in New York in 1972, but it was with « Jeanne Dielman » that critics and audiences discovered her work. In her most recent work she has alternated documentaries and autobiographical fiction: « Sud » (documentary, 1999), « La Captive » (fiction, 2000), « De l’autre côté » (documentary, 2002), « Demain on déménage » (fiction, 2004) et « Là-bas » (documentary, 2006).