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52nd edition

The War Zone

Fortnight 1999, Feature film, 1h39


For 15 year-old Tom, the war zone is at the heart of his seemingly happy middle-class family. When his family move from London to Devon, Tom finds his new life lonely and boring. But nothing can prepare him for the terrible secret that binds his father and his eighteen-year old sister Jessie. Isolated, confused and consumed by adolescent anger, Tom is determined to reveal the truth.


Tim Roth

He was born in London. He was an actor in London. He had a first part in Made in Britain of Alan Clarke and in Meantime of Mike Leigh. He played in Stephen Frears’ films, as well as Chris Menges’, Peter Greenaway’s, Robert Altman’s ones for example. The War Zone is his first movie as a director.

Aisling O’Sullivan
Annabelle Apsion
Colin J. Farrell
Freddie Cunliffe
Kate Ashfield
Kim Wall
Lara Belmont
Megan Thorp
Ray Winstone
Tilda Swinton

Alexander Stuart,d’après son roman The War Zone

Seamus McGarvey

Christian Wangler

Trevor Waite

Simon Boswell

Set decoration
Michael Carlin

Production : Sarah Radclyffe & Dixie Linder, Sarah Radclyffe Productions, 83 Berwick Street, 5ème étage, Londres W1V 3PJ, Grande-Bretagne, Tél. : (44 171) 437 3128, Fax : (44 171) 437 3129 Portobello Pictures vente à l’étranger : FilmFour International, 76-78 Charlotte Street, Londres W1P 1LX, Grande-Bretagne, Tél. : (44 171) 868 7700, Fax : (44 171) 868 7766 Distribution : Diaphana, 50 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, France, Tél. : 33 (0)1 44 79 92 92, Fax : 33 (0)1 42 46 54 48