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52nd edition

The Tiger Factory

Fortnight 2010, Feature film, 1h24


Ping Ping is 19 and wants to go to Japan to work in a car parts company. She’s under the guardian of her aunt, Madame Tien, who shuffles her between two jobs; working in a pig farm, and cleaning dishes in a rundown restaurant. Tien is also involved in a ‘baby factory’ scheme, pairing young women with migrant workers and then selling the babies for money. Both survive with each other in a love-hate symbiotic manner, until a truth about her aunt is revealed to Ping Ping.


Ming jin Woo

Born in 1976 in Malaysia, Woo Ming Jin’s work as a filmmaker and photographer has garnered him a reputation as one of East Asia’s most promising talent. His films mostly focus on the interaction between human and nature. His first film Monday Morning Glory screened in Berlin and Locarno, while his second, The Elephant and the Sea, won awards in Torino, Seoul and Spain festivals. Woman on Fire Looks for Water, played at Venice and Rotterdam, among other festivals.

Chung Chung
Lai Fui Mun
Lesly Leon Lee
Pearly Chua
Susan Lee

Woo Ming Jin, Edmund Yeo

Wan Chun Hung

Edmund Yeo, Kenny Chua

Set decoration
Lim Seow Wei

production :

Greenlight Pictures
14, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah D9/D,
Seksyen 9
Shah Alam, Selangor, 40100
Tél : +6 012 200 3865
Fax : +6 03 55110377

co-production :

Waseda University Ando Laboratory (Japan)

presse / publicist : 

Greenlight Pictures
Tél : +6 012 200 3865
Fax : +6 03 55110377