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52nd edition

The God

Fortnight 2003, Short film, 4mn20s


Even a God might have to reincarnate to get rid of a pesky fly.


Konstantin Bronzit

Konstantin Bronzit was born in St. Petersburg in 1965, graduated from the Advanced Institute of Art and Design (1992), and studied cinema in Moscow with Fjodor Khitruk (1994). From his first film, The Roundabout, in 1988, to his latest, At the Ends of the Earth, he has moved increasingly into animation and his work has won over 70 awards in international festivals. He is also a nember of the French and Russian Film Academies.

Konstantin Bronzit

Vladimir Golounin

Konstantin Bronzit

Valentin Vasenkov

Set decoration
Konstantin Bronzit

Production : Alexander Boyarsky Serguey Selyanov Melnitsa Animation Studio Melnichnaya ul., 4 192019 Saint-Pétersbourg Russie Tél  : +7 812 567 1540 Fax : +7 812 567 8506 Coproductions : CTB Film Company (Russie) Ventes à l?étranger, Presse (France et Int.) : Raisa Fomina Intercinema Druzhinnikovskaya 15 123242 Moscou Russie Tél: +7 095 255 9052 Fax: +7 095 973 2029

Title in Original Version : Le Dieu