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52nd edition

The Exquisite Corpus

Fortnight 2015, Short film, 18min


The Exquisite Corpus is based on various erotic films and advertising rushes. I play on the “cadavre exquis” technique used by the Surrealists, drawing disparate body parts constellating magical creatures. Myriad fragments are melted into a single sensuous, humorous, gruesome, and ecstatic dream.


Peter Tscherkassky

Born in 1958, Tscherkassky has a PhD. in philosophy. He published Peter Kubelka in 1995 and Film Unframed: A History of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema in 2012. His films have been honored with more than 50 awards including Golden Gate Award (San Francisco), Main Prize at Oberhausen, and Best Short Film at the Venice.

Dirk Schaefer

Peter Tscherkassky

Dirk Schaefer

Production :
Peter Tscherkassky

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