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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

The Devil’s Playground

Fortnight 1976, Feature film, 1h47


I wanted to show that human qualities survive even in oppressive environments, such as those of institutions – not necessarily religious ones – where sets of rules, made to suit particular ends, are rigidly enforced regardless of their rationality.
I believe these rules, however well intentioned, are almost always counter productive because of their inflexibility and reliance on authoritarian concepts.


Fred Schepisi

Born in Melbourne in 1938, Frederic Alan Schepisi is an Australian film director and screenwriter. He began his career in advertising and directed both commercials and documentaries ; he then fouded his own production company, The Film House Pty Ltd. En 1971, he directed « The Priest », which is one of four parts of the film « Libido ». « The Devil’s Playground » (1976) is his first long feature : he won the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Direction and the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Screenplay for for this film.

Arthur Dignam
Charles Mc Callum
John Frawley
Jonathan Hardy
Nick Tate
Simon Burke

Fred Schepisi

Ian Baker

Production : THE FILM HOUSE Pty Ltd