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52nd edition

The Blair Witch Project

Fortnight 1999, Feature film, 1h30


On October 21, 1994, three young filmmakers, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael Williams disappeared in the Black Hills Woods while doing a reportage on witchcraft entitled “The Blair Witch Project”. A year later, the film they shot was found. The Blair Witch Project is their testament. It follows their journey through the Black Hills Woods and records the terrifying events that took place there. The three filmmakers are still missing.


Daniel Myrick

He was born in Florida. He studied cinema and worked in advertising; he directed short films. Editor and director of photography, he directed his first feature film The Blair Witch Project.

Eduardo Sanchez

He was born in Cuba and lived in Spain, in Washington D.C and in Florida. He studied TV at the Montgomery College ( Maryland ) where he directed his first film Video all. He then gratuated at the Central Florida College ( Maryland ) where he directed his full length film: Gabriel’s dream. He is an author, he was recently completing his sixth screenplay.

Heather Donahue
Joshua Leonard
Michael Williams

Eduardo Sanchez, Daniel Myrick

Neal Fredericks

Dana Meeks

Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez

Tony Cora

Set decoration
Ben Rock, Ricardo R. Moreno

Production : Gregg Hale, Robin Cowie, Artisan Entertainment, 2700 Colorado blvd, Santa Monica CA 90404, Etats-Unis, Tél. : (1 310) 449 92 00, Fax : (1 310) 255 38 60 Haxan Films (Orlando, Etats-Unis) vente à l’étranger : Summit Entertainment, 1630 Stewart street, # 120, Santa Monica CA 90404, Etats-Unis, Tél. : (1 310) 309 84 00, Fax : (1 310) 828 41 32 Distribution : Mars Films, 95 bd Haussmann, 75008 Paris, France, Tél. : 33 (0)1 44 94 95 00, Fax : 33 (0)1 44 94 95 01

Title in Original Version : Le projet Blair Witch


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