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52nd edition

Tel père, telle fille

Fortnight 2007, Short film, 0h20


Julie pays a visit to her father in the south of France. He has lost a leg and lives alone in a house by the sea. Father and daughter don’t know how to communicate, grope towards each other and sometimes make contact. They share the same desire for women. This ambiguous complicity is bearable so long as it remains silent.


Sylvie Ballyot

A graduate of La fémis, Sylvie Ballyot first worked in experimental cinema: a video diary, documentaries, fiction shorts, including Alice, which has been popular on the festival circuit. She has just completed a documentary, Love and words, shot in Yemen. She is currently writing her first feature film, Eden.

Bernard Blancan
Salomé Stévenin
Sophie Cattani

Sylvie Ballyot

Claire Mathon

Philippe Deschamps, Jean-Baptiste Haehl

Charlotte Tourrès

Set decoration
Benjamin Lavarone

Production : Ostinato Production 28, rue Bouvier 75011 Paris France Tél : +33 (0)1 48 01 00 10 Ventes à l’étranger / Foreign sales : Ostinato Production Distribution : Ostinato Production