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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Taraneh Tanhaïye Tehran

Fortnight 2008, Feature film, 1h19


Down-at-heel loner, Behrouz, a former radio operator having served in the Iran/Iraq war, meets up with his long lost cousin, Hamid, a telecommunication engineer working in Tehran. Hamid has been jobless for several months and the two cousins decide to make some money installing satellite dishes in private homes. Such an activity, though potentially lucrative, is dangerous, because illegal. The uneventful life of the now inseparable cousins follows its course until one day…


Saman Salour

Saman Salour was born in Boroujerd, Iran in 1976 and graduated in Film Direction from the Soureh Cinema School in Tehran. He started his career as a filmmaker by making films at the Iranian Young Cinema Society. He has been the assistant director and programmer of three long features and made a number of shorts and documentaries for TV. Saman Salour was rewarded by several prizes in international film festivals for his first two feature films.

Behrouz Jalili
Hamid Habibifar
Maryam Sabaghian
Mohammad Fassihi
Mohammad-Reza Salour
Mojtaba Bitarafan

Saman Salour

Touraj Aslani

Mohammad Shahverdi

Saman Salour, Arezou Arzanesh

Mohammad Salarvand

Set decoration
Saman Salour & Mahssa Hosseini

Production : DreamLab Films 14, chemin des chichourliers 06110 Le Cannet France Tél / Fax: +33(0)4 93 38 75 61 Saman Salour (Iran) Ventes à l’étranger / Foreign sales : DreamLab Films Distribution : DreamLab Films

Title in Original Version : Lonely Tunes of Tehran