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52nd edition

Sweet Hunters/Ternos Caçadores

Fortnight 1970, Feature film, 104'


A family of four people (parents and two children, one of them still a kid) live by the sea. The father studies the migratory flights of birds. One day, there appears an escaped prisoner on the shore, trapped just like one of the lost birds. The film depicts their acquaintance and the ensuing tragedy.


Ruy Guerra

Ruy Guerra left his studies in Portugal for to go to the School of Cinema in Paris. After having worked as assistant for various French directors he moved to Brasil and participated with his first two films in the birth of the « Cinema Novo »: « Os Cafajestes (1962) » and « Os Fuzis (1964) » which won some international prizes. After an intermediate time in France where he made « Sweet Hunters (1969) » he returned to Brazil and went on filming there.

Maureen Mc Nalley
Sterling Hayden
Stuart Witman
Susan Strasberg

Philippe Dumarçay

Prod. General Prod. S.A. Panama
34, Champs Elysées
Paris 8e

Title in Original Version : Tendres Chasseurs