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52nd edition

Sur la planche

Fortnight 2011, Feature film, 1h46


The « board » of the title is multifold: springboard, diving board or pirate plank. This is the story of an imperiled « brotherhood, » the story of a foursome. The story of four girls on the run, made of love, choices, shattered destinies.They are the protagonists of a film noir under the conflicting auspices of the dream of globalization.
Among the countless women peeling shrimp in a factory in Tangiers, two young Moroccan women repeat incessantly the same gestures. Badia and Imane dream of a better life. If only they could find jobs in the textile factories located in the free zone… Rage and desire for escape go hand-in-hand in this poignant and relentless film served up by two splendid actresses.
Javier Martin, selectino commetee


Leïla Kilani

Born in Casablanca in 1970, Leïla Kilani has always dreamed of being a clown. She lives between Paris and Tangiers now and started moving into documentaries in 2000 with some noteworthy films (Tanger le rêve des Brûleurs, Nos lieux interdits) before making Sur la planche, her first fiction feature.

Mouna Bahmad
Nouzha Akel
Sara Betioui
Soufia Issami

Leïla Kilani

Eric Devin

Philippe Lecoeur, Laurent Malan

Tina Baz

Wilfried Blanchard (Wilkimix)


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