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52nd edition

Summer or 27 Missing Kisses

Fortnight 2000, Feature film, 1h36


It was a summer unlike any other. Sybille promised Mickey one hundred kisses before the autumn. But he only got 73. This is the story of a beautiful, romantic and very upsetting summer, somewhere in the East. The Summer of the Eclipse. Fourteen year-old Sybille arrives in this sleepy little town to spend her vacation with Aunt Martha. By the time she leaves, nothing will be the same. On day one, she falls in love like never before: with Alexander, the astronomer who looks after the old observatory and who is a somewhat lonely widower. He is forty-one and thinks Sybille is too young for love. Equally fast, Alexander’s son Mickey, also fourteen, falls for Sybille. He knows she must belong to him – at all cost – but she doesn’t take him seriously. And Alexander pretends not to see what is happening. Sybille is not to be underestimated. It is as if she has electrified the small town. Everyone feels a mad yearning for love. Illiopolous, the schoolteacher, has a heart attack whilst with his mistress. And Pjotr, the night watchman, has a most unfortunate encounter with a weapons-grade steel ring. The arrival of a French Captain in search of the Sea, and the secret screening of an old Emmanuelle film at the local armaments factory bring things to a head…


Nana Djordjadze

She was an architect and designer in the Academy of Arts of Tbilissi. She was a director and an actress. She also was a teacher in the Kino Institute of Moscou. She often wrote the screenplays of her films and was the scenic designer. She won the Golden Camera in 1987 for Robinsonade.

Amalia Mordvinova
Evgeni Sidichin
Nuza Kuchianidze
Pierre Richard
Shaco Iashvili

Irakli Kvirikadze

Phedon Papamichael

Norbert Gaisbauer

Vessela Martschewski

Goran Bregovic

Set decoration
Vasha Dialagania

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