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52nd edition

Summer Afternoon

Fortnight 2008, Short film, 16mn


Jane likes Tracy. Jane does not like Vincent. Summer Afternoon unfolds in real time with two lovers playing a joke on the girl in the backseat. But once the car stops, an afternoon drive in the country takes a wrong turn as the backseat girl now controls the fun.


Wi-ding Ho

Wi Ding Ho, Malaysia-born, an NYU film school graduate, works as a TV commercials director in Taiwan. He also directs short films and non-fiction films. Summer Afternoon is Wi Ding’s third short film. He is currently preparing his feature debut Pinoy Sunday, a Taiwan/Philippines/US co-production.

Huan-Ru Ke
Ying-Hsuan Kao
Yu-Tan Wang

Wi Ding Ho

Jake Pollock

Yuan-Feng Tsao

Wei-Yao Hsu

Yeo-Jen Tsai

Set decoration
Wi Ding Ho, Jake Pollock

Production : Great Domain Productions #7, 5th Floor, Alley 172 Dunhua South Road, Section 2 106 Taipei Taiwan Tél : +886 917 229 662