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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

Summer Afternoon

Fortnight 2008, Short film, 16mn


Jane likes Tracy. Jane does not like Vincent. Summer Afternoon unfolds in real time with two lovers playing a joke on the girl in the backseat. But once the car stops, an afternoon drive in the country takes a wrong turn as the backseat girl now controls the fun.


Wi-ding Ho

Wi Ding Ho, Malaysia-born, an NYU film school graduate, works as a TV commercials director in Taiwan. He also directs short films and non-fiction films. Summer Afternoon is Wi Ding’s third short film. He is currently preparing his feature debut Pinoy Sunday, a Taiwan/Philippines/US co-production.

Huan-Ru Ke
Ying-Hsuan Kao
Yu-Tan Wang

Wi Ding Ho

Jake Pollock

Yuan-Feng Tsao

Wei-Yao Hsu

Yeo-Jen Tsai

Set decoration
Wi Ding Ho, Jake Pollock

Production : Great Domain Productions #7, 5th Floor, Alley 172 Dunhua South Road, Section 2 106 Taipei Taiwan Tél : +886 917 229 662