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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Street Smart

Fortnight 1987, Feature film, 1h37


Street Smart deals with the corruption of an average man, with how a basically honest person succumbs to the pressure of today’s life. Since Watergate, its seems that more and more honest people in America find it acceptable to be dishonest. This film is about a journalist who allows himself to be corrupted in the process of trying to further his career. This terrible thing is that corruption is rampant in both Government and the private sector, and a great deal of it goes undetected and unchallenged. That is not to say it has not always existed, it has. In this film, one form of corruption leads to another, and another… Jerry Schatzberg


Jerry Schatzberg

He was born in New Nork. He studied in Miami. He worked in fur industry for his parents and started working in photography; he became assistant to Bill Helburn. He mainly worked in fashion and portrait for magazines like Vogu and cosmopolitan. In the 60’s, he directed advertising for TV; he then made feature films. He made his first film in 1970. His work as a photographer was shown at the Pompidou Center in 1982. Michel Ciment wrote a book about him.

André Gregory
Christopher Reeve
Jay Patterson
Kathy Baker
Mimi Rogers
Morgan Freeman

Jerry Schatzberg

Adam Holender

Patrick Rousseau, Ollie Cotton

Priscilla Nedd

Robert Irving III, interprété par Miles Davis

Production : The Cannon Group Inc., Los Angeles, Californie, USA Vente à l’étranger : Cannon International, Los Angeles, Californie, USA

Title in Original Version : La Rue