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52nd edition

Spring In My Hometown

Fortnight 1998, Feature film, 1 h 48


« Human beings are more fragile than glass. » The summer of 1952, at the height of the Korean War. Sungmin and Changhee are best friends. They witness something terrible that they would have preferred not to know: at a deserted mill, Changhee’s mother welcomes a G.I. while Sung-min’s father stands guard as her pimp. Changhee is determined to seek revenge. The next day, without so much as a word to Sungmin, he disappears after setting fire to the mill while a G.I. and a Korean prostitute make love. A year goes by. The horribly bloated body of a young boy is discovered in a swamp near the mill…


Kwangmo Lee

He studied British literature in Korea and direction in UCLA. He was a teacher in many universities and cinema institutes like in Chung-Ang. He founded the Korean Film Art Center and make his country discover bergman, Kiarostami or Tarkovski. Screenwriter of short films as well as full length ones, he got the Grand Prize of the 7th competition of Hartley Merrill in the USA for the Spring in my Hometown screenplay. He directed 2 short films, The End of Journey and Obsession and screenplays of two full length films: Goodbye Seoul and Endless Circle.

In Lee
Oksook Song
Seonhoi Yoo
Sungki Ahn
Yoojung Bae

Kwangmo Lee

Hyungkoo Kim

Seungchul Lee

Sungwon Ham

Il Won

Set decoration
Jae Hee Song, MBC Art Center Co. Ltd.

Production :
Korean Film Art Center
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Ltd. 3F The House of Art, 158-1
Wonseo-Dong, Jongrogu
Seoul 110 280, République de Corée
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Vente à l’’étranger :
Korean Film Art Center

Title in Original Version : Ce printemps dans mon pays natal