52nd edition

Spring In My Hometown

Kwangmo Lee

Fortnight 1998, Feature film, 1 h 48


« Human beings are more fragile than glass. » The summer of 1952, at the height of the Korean War. Sungmin and Changhee are best friends. They witness something terrible that they would have preferred not to know: at a deserted mill, Changhee’s mother welcomes a G.I. while Sung-min’s father stands guard as her pimp. Changhee is determined to seek revenge. The next day, without so much as a word to Sungmin, he disappears after setting fire to the mill while a G.I. and a Korean prostitute make love. A year goes by. The horribly bloated body of a young boy is discovered in a swamp near the mill…


  • In Lee
  • Oksook Song
  • Seonhoi Yoo
  • Sungki Ahn
  • Yoojung Bae


Kwangmo Lee

Hyungkoo Kim

Seungchul Lee

Sungwon Ham

Il Won

Set decoration
Jae Hee Song, MBC Art Center Co. Ltd.


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Korean Film Art Center
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Ltd. 3F The House of Art, 158-1
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Vente à l’’étranger :
Korean Film Art Center

Title in Original Version : Ce printemps dans mon pays natal