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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Speaking Parts

Fortnight 1989, Feature film, 1h32


I have worked in a hotel for five years. I have been making films for ten. Both of these activities involve the creation of illusion. In one, the territory of illusion is a room. In the other, it is a screen. People move in and out of rooms. Actors fade in and out of screen. Speaking Parts explores the crossing of these fields made of memory and desire. Somewhere between a room and a sreen, someone becomes an image. I am fascinated by this crucial moment and by the contradictions involved in making out of people. Atom Egoyan


Atom Egoyan

Born in Cairo, his parents were Amenian artists. He went to Canada when he was a kid. He wrote his first play when he was 13. He studied guitar and international relations. He graduated at the University of Toronto where he studied drama and cinema. He made 10 plays like External Affairs shown in New York. After he made short films shown on CBS, he directed his first full length film in 1984, Next of Kin, which deals with items Atom Egoyan likes: conflicts in families, immigrants, misunderstanding in relationships. His second feature film, Family Viewing, won the Best movie prize at the Toronto Festival, three awards in Locarno and participated in around twenty international festivals like Berlin. Speaking parts was shown in 1989 at The Directors’ Fortnight. His last film is The Adjuster. Atom Egoyan also worked for TV. He was about to direct an opera he wrote: Hamlet, Electra and Mother.

Arsinée Khanjian
David Hemblen
Gabrielle Rose
Gerard Parkes
Michael McManus
Patricia Collins
Tony Nardi

Atom Egoyan

Paul Sarossy

John Megill

Bruce McDonald

Mychael Danna

Set decoration
Linda Del Rosario

Production : Atom Egoyan, Toronto, Ontario Ventes Amérique du Nord et du Sud : Cinéphile Ltd, Toronto, Ontario Vente Europe : Academy Pictures, Rome, Italie

Title in Original Version : Les Figurants