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52nd edition

Someone Else’s America

Fortnight 1995, Feature film, 1h31


Someone Else’s America tells the tragi-comical setbacks of two Mediterranean immigrants, Bayo and Alonso, two uprooted sentimentals lost in a lousy Brooklyn district. Alonso is an excessive, sensitive and engaging Latin, touching even in his somewhat ludicrous attitudes, even when he recreates for his blind mother an impossible return to his native Spanish village… Bayo reveals a Slavonic soul, a tragic sense of destiny, between laughter and tears. He’s a tormented soul, proud and touchy. Both cultivate nostalgia in the shade of the Manhattan skyline: a cock, a goat, a well, a stone table… Memories, tradition and mutual aid make up their everyday life, until one day, Bayo’s family unexpectedly arrives from Montenegro…


Goran Paskaljevic

He was born in Belgrade and studied cinema in Prague with Srdjan Karanovic, Goran Markovic and Emir Kusturica for example; they were pioneers of the Yugoslav new wave and were called Ecole de Prague. He first made docuentaries and directed about fourty short films. He then made Cuvar Plaze u Zimskom Periodu. He directed 8 feature films such as Andjeo cuver and Vreme Cuda shown in Cannes.

Maria Casarés
Miki Manojlovic
Sergej Trifunovic
Tom Conti
Zorka Manojlovic

Gordan Mihic

Yorgos Arvanitis

Christian Wangler, Aad Wirtz, François Groult

William Diver

Andrew Dickson

Set decoration
Wolf Seesselberg

Production : Mact Productions, Paris, France Vente à l’étranger : Pandora, Paris, France

Title in Original Version : L'Amérique des autres


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