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52nd edition

Some Voices

Fortnight 2000, Feature film, 1h41


Some Voices is an emotionally charged drama – simultaneously a delicate love story and a comedy of family loyalty and London life. The film tells the story of Ray, an enigmatic and immensely loveable guy who is released from a psychiatric hospital into the care of his overworked and overprotective brother, Pete. Things start off well as Ray tries his best to help Pete with all aspects of his life – work, home, lovelife – with comic consequences. But when Ray falls head over heels in love with Laura, a wild Scottish girl with her own emotional troubles, the fragile balance he has started to enjoy begins to crumble and events start to spiral out of control…


Simon Cellan Jones

He started his carreer in the Twentieth Century Fox, in the mail department and had training periods on the making of movies likre 1984. He used to be a photojurnalist in Beyrouth, was an assistant director in the BBC. He directed many movies for the BBC and series for TV which was awarded many times.

Daniel Craig
David Morrissey
Julie Graham
Kelly Macdonald
Peter McDonald

Joe Penhall d’après sa pièce

David Odd

Richard Flynn

Elen Pierce Lewis

Adrian Johnston

Set decoration
Zoe Mac Leod

production : Damian Jones, Graham Broadbent, Dragon Pictures, 23 Golden Square, Londres W1R 3PA, Royaume-Uni, Tél : (44 207) 734 6303, Fax : (44 207) 734 6202 FilmFour – British Screen vente à l’étranger : FilmFour International, 76-78 Charlotte Street, Londres W1P 1LX, Royaume-Uni, Tél : (44 207) 868 7700, Fax : (44 207) 868 7766, E-mail : presse : (France) Frédérique Giezendanner, 27 rue Saint Ambroise, 75011 Paris, France, Tél.: 33 (0)1 43 38 06 49, Fax : 33 (0)1 48 05 29 14 (International) Charles McDonald, McDonald & Rutter, 14 – 18 Harn Yard, Great Windmill Street, Londres W1V 7PD, Royaume-Uni, Tél.: (44 207) 734 9009, Fax : (44 207) 734 1151