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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 1990, Feature film, 1H44


I work with material for film, that shows my own view of our time. In this novel, from the beginning of our century, «Der Letzte Sommer» by Ricarda Huch, I recognised myself. I was the minister’s wife. I was the minister. I belong to a class of people who will be extinguished tomorrow – by time and history. I identify myself with the young daughter, who has taken sides against, the minister and started alternative political groups, favorable to poor students. I also identify myself with the terrorist who has the mission to destroy the structure of power. He is invited by this family he hates, but at the same time, he longs for love, intimacy, family life… I decided that this story, although written in the year 1910 as a reply to the two former revolutions in Russia, although a story about family and terror at the outset of the 20th century, was, all the same, a perfect mirror of TODAY. When I look into the living eyes of the dead from the past, I can always feel a connection with today. We, the people of today, are just like them – the people of the past – doomed to be looked upon as the PAST, by the upcoming generation. I also dedicate this black and white film to John Cassavetes. I have learned to give actors a chance of progress and space in the film. The dramaturgy of life itself, the events in Peking, Eastern Europe and South Africa proved to me the importance of this very tropical masterpiece by Ricarda Huch. Suzanne Osten


Suzanne Osten

She studied drama and founded her company The Pocket Theater. She played Agneta Pleijel, Sven Werström, Ronny Ambjör, Goran Palm. In 1971, she started working with the Stockholms Stadsteater with great success. In 1975, she founded Unga Klara, mainly for kids and played at the Stockholms Stadsteater many shows writen with Per Lysander; she also directed En fruktansvärd Lycka by Lars Noren en 81, Unga Klara berättar Livet and Underjordens leande. She worked for radio and gave lectures in Sweden, in Japan, in the USA and in Europe. Her first feature film Mother was made in 1982 a,d she directed 3 other movies.

Björn Kjellman
Etienne Glaser
Gunila Röör
Lena Nylén
Malin Ek
Philip Zandén

Suzanne Osten, Madeleine Gustaffson, Etienne Glaser

Göran Nilsson

Ulf Darin

Michael Leszczylowski

Boboul Ferkousad, Sten Kjellman

Set decoration
Mona Theresia Forsén

Production : Mekano Pictures à Stockholm Vente à l’étranger : Lena Enquist à Stockholm

Title in Original Version : Le Garde du Corps