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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Sista Leken

Fortnight 1984, Feature film,


In the beginning, I was only supposed to write the screenplay of SISTA LEKEN. The novels that I had to adapt didn’t really interest me, only their beginnings and their endings appealed to me. I wrote several versions of the screenplay over a period of two years, during which time a schizophrenic relationship grew up between me and the main character. He became more and more part of me, while remaining both a stranger and enigmatic. Later, when I agreed to direct the film, I transferred this pathological state to my relationship with the main actor. The story became more and more my story, a part of myself. That is how it should be. Creation is based on intuition, analyses don’t interest me. Jon LINDSTRÖM


Jon Lindstrom

Emmy nominated, he worked both in front and behind the camera. His recent award winning films as an actor include “You Can’t Have it All” (2010), “The Sacrifice” (2009) and “The Double Born” (2008). He has an extensive television experience on daytime dramas. Other television and film credits include “CSI,” “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” for HBO, and “The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory” on NBC, Fall from Grace: The Jim and Tammy Faye Baker Story” for NBC and the film “Listen to Me” for Columbia Pictures. He is well regarded for his work co-writing the screenplay for “The Hard Easy,” which was made into a feature film with Vera Farmiga, Bruce Dern and Peter Weller. He has completed two other screenplays, “Head High,” and “How We Got Away With It.” His latest screenplay, “Anybody’s Anything” is currently in pre-production for 2011. He was the first actor to join the coveted directors program at ABC Daytime, and has since directed for both ABC and CBS. Although he left the program in 2002, he continues to direct short films and is planning to direct his first feature in the near future.

Title in Original Version : Le Dernier Jeu